This is a series of audios and assignments that will be sent to you.  It includes items on the following topics:

Step 1 – Beginning the Journey

Now is your time to get connected to your divine path.  Find your greatest fulfillment by getting clear on your purpose here.  This program will provide tools for you to walk your path with clarity and joy.

Step 2 – Clearing the Clutter

In this step we focus on getting rid of the heavy energy in your life.  Many tips are given to help you clear out stuck energy from within you as well as in your your environment.  When you lift the weight that is not a part of your divine self then it frees you, helping you to shine who you really are.

Step 3 – Inviting the Light

In this step we focus on opening up to receiving light into your life.  Thankfully the vibration of light is infinitely more powerful than that of darkness.  Many tips are given to help shift your mindset as well as your body so you are in a space that brings in a higher vibration which elicits peace and joy.

Step 4 – Creating Camaraderie

Relationships are such a vital part of a fulfilling life!  We are going to delve into the many aspects of relationships that we have influence over.  Though we don’t control the choices of others, the choices we make can have a powerful effect for good.  Healthy interactions with others brings such deep joy and here I give you many tips and tools to help you with this.  Enjoy!

Step 5 – Enjoying Spiritual Connection

This is a beautiful topic that can bring SO MUCH fulfillment to your life! In the material for this step you’ll find information and tools that will help you understand the great amount of divine support that is available to you. I will help you get “plugged in” to the divine so you can enjoy peace and guidance in your life. You are loved and cherished!  You are made in the image of God and have that divine spark within you.

Step 6 – SHINE Your Brilliance!

Yay – you’re YOU!  There’s is nothing possibly better for your to be!  Bringing forward he brilliance of you is truly a gift to the world.  The greatest way for you to serve those around you is to do exactly that – BE YOU! In the material for this final step you will find ways to step into the fullness of who you are and loving it!