New Year’s Resolutions

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Dreams Become Reality

Apply simple abundance principles and see miracles occur
Hello, my sweet friends!

I hope 2015 has been good to you thus far. What would you like to see happen for you and your family over the next 6 months? Improved health, finances, relationships? Did you know that there are universal laws, called Abundance Principles, that when put into practice are just as reliable as gravity? It’s true.
I mention 3 of them below to get you started.

But have you ever tried doing all the right things and still your desires weren’t showing up? That is where energy work comes in. We often have stuck energy around accepting abundance. This may be a false belief picked up in childhood like “I’m not good enough” or a subconscious limitation like “I can’t get what I want because of ___” (fill in with whatever thought keeps you living small). On an energetic level I can clear these blocks and allow you to connect to your dreams.

I have a desire to make this possible and, because of that, I just put together a new program for you called “Make It Happen!” where you set 3 goals and we focus on bringing them into your reality. It truly is possible.
Rather than settling for living life at half throttle…take action now toward abundance. Your dream has your name on it – it’s yours…and I can help you see it come to fruition. Contact me HERE to schedule a free 15 minute guidance session on how to connect you to your dream and make it happen!


What percentage of your thoughts are spent on what you desire rather than what you despise?  Our thoughts are powerful and are creations in and of themselves.  “Energy flows where attention goes.”  Make certain you spend your time thinking about those things you actually want to create.

Pick a scenario that you would love to have in your life (your family playing together, financial freedom).  As you lie in bed at night, envision yourself living this dream moment.  See the details, use your 5 senses.  Most importantly, feel what it feels like to have it.
Write down the experience as though it is already occurring.

Once you have “placed your order” with God, know that it is on it’s way.  Like a child on Christmas Eve, know that this gift is already yours.  What you want, wants you!  As you hold the vision, circumstances will arise to make it happen.  But remember, God can’t steer a parked car, so keep moving your feet and you will be guided.