New Years Gifts

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Get ready for a powerful new year!


Happy 2015!

I hope you had a marvelous Christmas!  Are you sad the “gift-giving season” is over?  Well, cheer up!  I have a couple of gifts for you below. . .

But first I want to share with you two simple tips to help you conserve energy over this next year:

1. Create habits – every time you make a decision it takes energy.  Simplify your life by deciding once what you want and then keep doing it!  For example, I run a certain distance on my treadmill on Mon, Wed, & Fri mornings.  I have a set minimum time and speed (I can always do extra, like I did this morning).  When I get up for the day I don’t ask, “Should I exercise today?”  Whether I’m tired or not, I just do it.

2.  Complete tasks – I have found that it actually takes energy to maintain unfinished business.  Energetically, having things “hanging over” your head really does create a weight on your shoulders.  So set aside a time each week to take care of these items – deliver the bag of clothes you’re giving away or hang that picture on the wall that’s been sitting on the floor for weeks.

May you have all the energy you desire over this next year so that you can have more precious moments with those you love.  Check out the gifts below and have a wonderful holiday!

This beautiful format for your new goals (made by my sweet friend Michelle  in Australia) is great for you to analyze what you’re coming into the year with and what you would like to experience.  Click on the image to download or print.  I’m doing this with my kids today.  Make this year what you want it to be, and be who you want to be in it.

To help you get in the best energetic shape for the new year, over the next few days I am dropping the price of my “Meditation of Refining Light” by more than half.  Listeners have had fabulous results.  To order, click HERE.