Inner Journey

There is a crucial journey that you – healer, coach, teacher, walker of life – must take.  It is a journey within yourself.  It may be something that you resist more than anything, but it will be one of the most beautiful journeys ever.

You will dis-cover within you all that need to be recognized, cleansed, and embraced in order for you to get your gifts out into the world, in order to transform lives through the sharing of who you are.

In this powerful visualization series, you will explore many aspects of yourself that have yet to be understood and mastered.

Part 1 – Journey Inside (healing the Past)

Part 2 – The Pool of All That Is (dis-covering your gifts)

Part 3 – Understanding The Bumps Along the Way (working through emotion)

Part 4 – Stepping into Co-Creation (embracing what is possible)

For each section there is an audio (approx. 20 min) and an assignment sheet.  In this visualization you will walk through a journey within, exploring the intricacies that are inside of you, often at a subconscious level.  There is much for you to see and learn.  Journeying within is fascinating.

Though it’s value is placed at $279, it is priced at 49 to make it easier for you to take this critical journey.  Truly, this experience will be invaluable.  As you allow it, this process will shift, cleanse and refine you.  It will help you to clarify who you are and what you are here to do.  It will strengthen you and support you.  It will give you the courage to step forward in your power and light, knowing that you are holding the hand of God in your work.

Go through this process.  Do it for the lives you will change.  Do it for those who need what you have to offer.

Take the journey.

Only $49