Group Program

Inspired Women in Business

Would you like to experience what it feels like to have your business expand to capacity? To reach a level where you can have fun using your gifts with a reliable structure in place?  A structure that allows you to make great money and have a flexible schedule?

If so, then that my friendis the reality of a Divinely Inspired Business.

I would like to show you how to tap into that power that guides you – a power that knows your greater call and purpose.  Learning how to benefit from this power will give you what you need to be successful, and make the impact you are here to make–while bringing in great income! If you want to move your business forward in a powerful, purposeful way, then keep reading.

You are a beautiful being with tremendous capacity for Creation.  As a Business Coach, I am here to help you complete what you’re here to do, in a concrete and tangible way.

The “Inspired Women in Business” program has been tailor-made with divinely guided building blocks to accomplish what you most desire for your business.  The following principles are foundational pieces that we study throughout the course:


  • Find Your True Calling– when you are in flow and are doing what your innate gifts lead you to do, the  river of life effortlessly aids you forward in divine momentum.
  • Attract More Clients– with the magical combination of humility and confidence (I’ll show you the secret to this), I’ll teach you to draw in the clients you are here to serve.
  • Surrender to Ease– as you release control and settle into the truth that there is a plan in place for you, you can rest into feeling held along the way.  This is the master skill.
  • Grow Your Business with Intuition– you have some amazing resources at your disposal.  As you allow your inner guidance to show you the way, you can progress with ease and purpose.
  • Follow Your Path to Money– Action is the key.  Take steps where you are guided and you will find that it leads to prosperity.
  • Sustaining a Profitable Business– as you continue to refine your business, trusting in the step-by-step process, utilizing the principles taught, you will be amazed at the results.


  • 6 months of guidance and specialized help
  • 12 video group coaching calls  – 90 minutes each of instruction plus Q&A (recorded)
  • support from a community of like-minded, heart-centered women who have your back
  • Facebook group to ask questions and receive solutions
  • energy clearing to quickly move the blocks so you can progress
  • monthly support calls from group “buddies” for strength and accountability
  • assignments and tools to use for your business anytime, anywhere
  • One 30 minute 1-on-1 call with Regina for a focused dive on your area of greatest concern ($197 value)


  • “Magnetize Your Ideal Client” Package – nearly 6 hours of teaching around how to attract your divine-right clients
  • “Inspire!  Connecting to your soul’s work” Summit – video interviews with 21 speakers worldwide sharing their expertise on how to connect to your inspiring work

After years of assisting clients worldwide, I want to help you, too, experience breakthroughs with tangible results. Would you like to see more profitable outcomes in your business? Then let’s hop on the phone and explore if this program is for you.  Click HERE to leave me a message and we’ll find a time to connect. Space is limited so grab your spot now!

**NEW BIG ANNOUNCEMENT** This program is normally $397/mo + $500 deposit.  For the next few days it is only $197/mo with no deposit!! Save a total of nearly $1700!!!

We only have a few spots left so send me a message now!

I look forward to divinely aligning your business so you can prosper while doing what you love.

Talk to you soon!


Feedback from clients:

“I love working with Regina!  Because of her insight, encouragement, and wisdom, she has… lead me to find truth about myself which is empowering… The changes I am making… are helping me soar both personally and professionally.”
Ruth, NV

“It is hard to describe exactly how and what Regina does, but her unique gifts and specialized training transforms lives.  In a very positive way, she makes connections with various aspects of my life that would have never occurred to me.  She has changed my perspective and focus that has produced tangible results.”
Linda, IA

“Regina Loveless has been a beautiful gift from God for moving both of my businesses forward…Her insights [were] penetrating…I nearly doubled my clientele in the first few months…She is very skillful in her work…She has been a huge strengthening factor for the powerful way that I have moved forward in the last year… I am a deeply grateful client.”
Lara, TX