Supporting women to embrace their powerful call in life and business

This 12-month program facilitates change on deep levels. It is our greatest work.  If you want to expand your life from the core of your soul, then read on. 

Through this year-long transformational experience, Regina will foster your growth as you connect to your inner power and the resonance of your authentic voice.  Coming to the core of who you are is a jumping-off point from where you will launch forward, propelling you in miraculous ways as you create your divine business.

Your flourishing is brought about as you are taken through a 3-step signature system.  Each of these vital steps listed below will connect you, on deepening levels, to who you are and what you were created to do.

Intrinsic Value – As an essential foundation, this step delves into 2 aspects of your worth, both of which play a powerful role in your personal and professional life:

  • The value of who you are.
  • The value of what you offer.

As a woman created by Divinity, you intrinsically have tremendous worth, simply by being you.  Regardless of your life choices and circumstances, you have unfathomable value.  Soak it in.  You are the offspring of Divinity. Embracing this truth will open you to feeling the love and support that is placed at your side. Life then begins to unfold in miraculous ways.

Divine Mission – You have come here on a sacred errand.  There are beautiful gifts within you that can influence lives in powerful ways.  There is suffering that you can soothe, confusion that you can clear.  You are needed here.  In carrying out your mission, you have:

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • An Impactful Message

You have innate abilities that foster you in walking your path and influencing lives.  Your gifts expand as they are shared.  The message that you carry uplifts and brings direction to those who are calling for your guidance.  At times these gifts and messages are naturally dis-covered but often they are birthed through struggle.  There is a purpose in this.  You will come to appreciate what is gained through the birthing process.

Unique Expression – There is a song within you that only you can sing.  Your special rhythm and the voice with which you authentically speak, will enter the hearts of those who are ready to hear. The resonance of your expression is like a signature that vibrates out to the world the energy of what you provide and of what you are. As you get clear on this aspect of yourself in your business, your tribe will hear your call. With your essence in your branding and programs you will:

  • Attract your divine right clients
  • Impact their lives with your Signature Effect

In essence, the Flourish! program will help you gain clarity on who you are, what you’re here to do, and how you do it.  As you delve into the core of who you are, you will feel a divine hand lovingly take yours as you embrace your beauty and the greatness of the work you do.  You will move forward in life and business, divinely guided in all needed details.

As part of the program, receive:

  • 20 1-on-1 calls: These transformative calls will bring out your inner power as you awaken your innate abilities and influence. Each call is with Regina personally and is 50 minutes in length.
  • Monthly structure and assignments: Watch your confidence grow and your soul ignite as you take action in living the Divine Purpose that is uniquely yours.
  • Energy Clearing: As a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner® helping thousands throughout the globe, Regina is able to quickly move blocks from your path and greatly accelerate your progress.
  • Audios and Videos: Progressive and vital principles are taught in supportive materials. Visualizations, core teachings and helpful resources are available throughout the program.
  • Most importantly – Personal Transformation: As you respond to the voice calling you to rise up and walk your divine path, and proceed living from your core, this powerful source of creation will transform your life and business. Get out there and do the work that you are created to do.

You being YOU is the greatest gift you can give to the planet.

There are very few spots allotted for this program.  If you are aligned with its intention and feel the call of your soul to look further, then please set up an appointment on the contact button below or send an email directly to regina@revealing-you.com.  Live from your core and Flourish!