Divine Origami

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I experienced a great disappointment this last week that has become a great blessing.  I love how God works like that.  My husband and I were signed up to take a class out of state that we had been trying to attend for 18 months.  Much preparation had been made to finagle schedules with our four kids, babysitting, and school.  I was looking forward to an inspiring three days of expansive learning with my husband.  Then he called to inform me that he had a required conference at work and we were going to have to cancel the class.  My reaction?  Well, I am mindful to only allow truth to remain in my thoughts so devastation was not present, but I was very saddened.  As is my habit, I went and kneeled to discuss the situation with my Father in Heaven.

“I don’t understand.  I prayed about whether this was right for us to do.  I felt it was Thy will for our family and everything fell into place.  What happened?”  In my mind’s eye I saw a blank, white piece of paper.  This seemed to aptly describe my current feelings: flat, plain, blah.  Then this blank piece of paper folded into a beautiful origami flower and the words came into my mind, “Let it be beautiful.”  I knew in my heart that there was a hidden blessing here I couldn’t currently see.  I had a peaceful calm fill my soul that seemed to whisper, “When you trust me with all things, they always turn out for thy good.”  I knew it was my choice: I could look at this situation from the outside and be hurt, angry, and disappointed or I could see it from the inside and trust there was a gift I had yet to discover.


This story is still unfolding, or rather “folding”.  The appointed time for the class is coming up soon.  I can already see some blessings because of the change and have faith there are more to come.  For now I am content to leave it in His hands and “Let it be beautiful.”

divine origami