December Newsletter

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Tips on remaining calm through the holidays

Enjoy a Peaceful Holiday
What are the holidays like for you? All “hustle and bustle” until you long for a “Silent Night”? If you need connection to that stillness offered by the Prince of Peace as you celebrate His birth, here are some simple thoughts for you:

1.  Be the “Eye of the Storm”
-The Savior calmed the storm and can bring stillness to your heart.  Connect to Him through prayer and be open to receiving this gift.
-No matter what is swirling around you, take the time to be 100% present with yourself and those you are with.
-Simply simplify.  Look at your plans and cancel the ones that don’t really serve you.  Rather than acting or giving from obligation, do what makes you feel alive.
-Take deep breaths often.  This practice quickly and easily invites calm to your system.

2.  Defeat overwhelm with play!
Children have a gift for being fully present and enjoying the moment.  When you’ve lost your sense of peace, get down on their level and do what they do.  As I found yesterday, it’s amazing how giggling and hiding under a blanket from oncoming “aliens” melts the stress away.  If in the past you have played with your children mainly for their enjoyment, try realeasing your mind from its “to-do list” and really enjoy yourself!  You may feel you don’t have time, but it doesn’t take long to connect with joy.  Five minutes will do wonders for both you and your child.

For 2 simple practices to bring calm when needed, watch this 90 sec video:

Enjoy this peaceful season!