Are you dragging through life unfulfilled? Have you lost your spark?

This program will awaken your inner light and put the bounce back in your step!

Awakening YOU

Module 1 – “Embracing the Fullness of Me” – delve into finding and embracing your purpose; claim who you are – there is a powerful reason for your existence.

Module 2 – “Claiming JOY” – accept that joy is your birthright and open to its fullness; connect with those things that bring light into your life.

Module 3 – “Playtime!” – experiencing delight is a divine part of your journey here – give yourself permission to stick your hands into life and play!

Module 4 – “Let Go & Receive” – release all that has inhibited your progress in the past and let all the juiciness of life flow in!

This 4-month program is designed to awaken and shine the brilliance of YOU! You will have assignments that take you step-by-step process of rediscovering your inner light. Amazing things will happen as you experience guidance and personal coaching. 

In this program you will receive:

4 Power Coaching Sessions (50-min each) – These sessions work miracles! You will feel your life shift as you delve into the joy of who you are. Two of these sessions will be held with Regina herself and the other 2 with one of her skilled coaches.  You will be guided through your journey of transformation in rising to your highest self.
[xyz-ihs snippet=”Line-break”]Energy healing – each session includes the powerful effect of SimplyHealed®. We intuitively hone in on what is tripping you up, and easily clear it so you can move forward on your path graciously. All coaches are Certified SimplyHealed Practitioners®.  This clearing will have a profound impact on your relationships and your ability to experience joy.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Line-break”][xyz-ihs snippet=”Line-break”]Supportive Material – Each section will give information and suggested resources that will help you in shifting to an abundance mind-set.
[xyz-ihs snippet=”Line-break”] Transformative Assignments – This is where homework is fun! These assignments teach you and help you look honestly at yourself and create an awareness that will propel you forward to the next level. You are ready!
[xyz-ihs snippet=”Line-break”] Visualizations – Experience the cleansing effect of being walked through a transformative visualization. They are available as an mp3 and can be used repeatedly, as you desire.


Want to begin your transformation?

The cost is only $279/mo.  A simple exchange for the transformation you will receive.  Hop on the phone with Regina to see how this program can best serve you by clicking the contact button below or reach her via email at  

Ready to take your life to the next level? Then take action now! What is your heart telling you? Invest in yourself – miracles will happen. Click on the button below to hold your spot (this small deposit is applied to your first month’s payment).

Awakening YOU

4-mo program

Sessions are done over the phone. Muscle testing and intuition are used to find what needs to be cleared. Certified SimplyHealed® Practitioners are trained in clearing energy systems for a thorough and permanent release of blocks that limit your progression. This occurs on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

*With SimplyHealed®, significant amounts of energy can be cleared in a short amount of time. As one woman stated, “I shouldn’t say this because I’m a therapist, but you just accomplished (in 20 min) more than 6 weeks of therapy.”

You are worth this.