3 Inspiring Truths

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Beautiful Inspiration

What shifts you?

Happy weekend! (though I must admit that Mondays are my favorite)  Look below to be inspired today…

My life has been shaped by powerful statements that weave into my mind and soul and change my perception – do you experience that?  Truth is magical – you plug it into your system and it heals – it clarifies – it expands you.  So scroll down to see 3 paradigm shifters.  They have cleaned up falsehoods in me and brought clarity and power.

Emotion is attachment

For good or ill, strong emotion attaches you to people and situations.  Your feelings can keep you stuck in a situation you detest.  Flip your emotion to one of understanding.  Look at the person and silently ask with your heart, “Who are youreally?”  Then listen for the answer. . . it’s amazing what you learn.

What others think
of you is none of
your business

When you embrace this truth it is majorly FREEING!  You have a brilliant work to do.  Don’t let contrary opinions even be a bump in your road – it’s not worth slowing down for.
Onward and upward!
(Thanks, Trenton, for the self-portait – love it!)

Foggy brain repair: Honor Yourself

Is it true?  Try this out… When in confusion ask yourself, “Am I spending my time in the way that feels best to me or am I acting out of a feeling of obligation? Are my priorities in this moment in order?  Am I honoring myself in my relationships?  Have I followed the inspiration I’ve received?”
A simple tool to clear your mind – honor yourself!